Update: This car just keeps on winning!

Best of show
Dick miller Oldsmobile powered open 2010

Best of show
Oldsmobile Nationals 2010

Best Oldsmobile Muscle car nationals in Chicago

2 Time back to back ISCA championships 2010 - 2011

Best restored class winner in

Here is another restoration for James Kryta and Inline tube Company. It's a 72 W30 olds 4 speed

The body work and mock up is complete. Time for priming and block sanding.

The spoilers on these cars never fit or look good. This one will be very nice. 

The over spray looks great when it's done right.

The hood and fenders in Dupont base coat. Check out the mirror finish on this one . James & John like really nice paint.

James , Bill & Adam

Body is mounted . Now it's time for the front fenders.

Detail Detail Detail !

The 72 has a unique tail lights.

This is Dale from L A Trim in Lowell mi. putting the finishing touches on the headliner.

The fenders are on and adjusted 

The grills and bumper are on and looking great.  72 's are sharp.

Laying out the stripes are time consuming , but need to be done perfect for them to look right.

The hood is ready to wet sand the stripes and buff it out..It's time for the stripes.

The stripes have been laid out buy hand to get them right. Very time consuming process. 

Here Nyle is Air brushing the truck lid stripe on . 

What an awesome car. It's hard to beat this color combo. 

We won Best Restored at the 2010 Detroit AutoRama!
Thanks again John & James for letting us help you out with another great concours restoration for the Inline Tube Company.





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